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09/04/2019 - Always new models, always new content, CUSTOMS! and happy 8 years!

Stopping in to let everyone know we are still rolling in new content, got some lovely new models lined up, and as of today, the site has now been live for 8!!! Years. Wowee. Still going strong! In celebration, I’ve redesigned the SOLE SUBMISSIONS section so you can see all the sets from all the anonymous(and some not anonymous) gals who have set pics to us over the years. If you ever want to send any in, let us know..we will pay ya! Also just as a side note..most of my new models (Fei, Abby Marie) are open to CUSTOMS. I get asked about that a lot, so…just throwing it out there. Otherwise, enjoy the new section! Hope all is well and we hope you guys are enjoying all the new lovely footpunkz!

12/25/2018 - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Once again, we’re back to Christmas, and I wanted to make sure everyone had a great one! This site has been live for 7 YEARS! That’s crazy. The girls who modeled when they turned 18 are now 25. Isn’t that crazy?! Some of the gals still even show their feet off for you 7 years later, and some have even went on to make it their full time jobs! Dedication. Show them some love! We posted a brand new set from the legend, ShortLivedTyranny, and of course we have much more to come! Have a good holiday everyone!

06/27/2018 - weekly updates and new models incoming!

We've had a bit of a slow down in recent months with updates, and for that, we apologize. BUT! The good news is  this - we are going right back to our multiple scheduled updates and starting now, we will be actively looking for many new models again! Yay content! So if you haven't signed up, now is a great time to do so. Mucho stuff soon!


02/22/2018 - Hell..its about time

Sorry we went quiet for a bit! We are BACK! I decided to revamp the site once again to make it even easier to navigate, and to combine our normal and mobile sites into one. I'm still finishing up some stuff, so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or requests! I definitely want it to be easy as possible for you guys, specially since theres now nearly 7 years of content. Crazy! I hope everyone had a good year, and I hope everyone enjoys the new site. I got some good stuff coming your way. Time to get back to posting!


01/14/17 -Time flys when...

Hey guys! Been trying to keep up and its tough! As customer traffic has been dropping, its getting harder and harder for me to keep up with this site unfortunately. That, coupled with the always-busy Holiday season has brought up sort of a dry spell. I tend to use the funds I make on the site to help pay for future content/shoots with the models, and I've had to cut back a bit lately. 

That being said, I did manage to get some great new content from some of our favorite models like Skylar and Isabelle. I know its been a bit slower around here but we're still here, and we're still updating! In the meantime, we have TONS of content on our site, so I encourage you to sign up and dig right in. Lots of lovely girls over the years, and hopefully much more to come. 

Hope you all had a good Holiday!