Name : Miccah
Size : 6.5
Are you ticklish? : Yes!
Posted: 09/16/2018 Model: Miccah
Description: Here's an amazing set for fans of dirty and natural feet. Miccah and I met up at a park to hang and I figured that would be as good a time as ever to snap some pics of her feet! We hadn't planned it so these are truly spur of the moment natural feet shots! Even then..they were perfection. Over 60 lovely pics..Enjoy!
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Posted: 08/05/2018 Model: NEW MODEL - Miccah
Description: Finally moved into my new place, and finally ready to get back to steady updates, we're gonna start this off with a bang! Excited to show off our newest lovely footpunk, Miccah! Known her for a while and finally got the chance to show off her perfect feet to you guys up close. In this set, in classic footpunkz fashion, she slowly removes her shoes and socks, and shoves her feet in the camera. Don't miss it, enjoy!
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